Industrial Computers

In order to help our customers facilitate their projects, we are distributing industrial computers and embedded systems from ICOP.

ICOP Technology, established in 1997, is the world leading manufacturer of industrial embedded solutions. With its headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan ; subsidiaries in the US, China, Japan, Germany and Mexico and worldwide distributors. ICOP’s presence in many locations shows our commitments to have strong local customer support in the long term.

ICOP’s rugged industrial hardware and flexible in-time service provide customers high quality, good reliability, low manufacturing costs and short lead time delivery user experience. Strong embedded technology know-how and good customer service allow ICOP’s products widely adopted by many world-class leading industrial equipment manufacturers and public utility service providers.

Usage applications include industrial and home automation, publicity utility, transportation, traffic and fleet management, parking and ticketing systems, telecommunication systems, entrance and security control, environmental monitoring, medical devices, packaging systems, gaming systems, point of sale and vending systems, and many others.

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